Season 5 Episode 4 No Good Deed Screencaps

Screencaps for Burn Notice Season 5 Episode 4 “No Good Deed” can now be viewed in the Gallery and can be accessed in the No Good Deed album under Season 5.

Burn Notice Season 5 Episode 4 No Good Deed Screenshot 28 Burn Notice Season 5 Episode 4 No Good Deed screencap 108 Burn Notice Season 5 Episode 4 No Good Deed screencap 203

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4 Responses to Season 5 Episode 4 No Good Deed Screencaps

  1. I am impressed with this website , really I am a fan .

  2. Badfrog says:

    I’m disappointed in the final episode. Michael passes up the opportunity to end Anson. No hunter/spy/soldier would ever pass up an opportunity. They just don’t come along very often. Michael is obviously too attached to human life. Some people need killing. He had no problem shooting other people that threatened his loved ones, but, now, he does? He wants to learn more? I think he’s gone soft. Too many Hollywood heroes follow the formula of doing absolutely anything to spare a human life. Even the life of an evil person. Its crap.

    • Cossner says:

      The show has been fascinating and Jeffery Donovan makes for a great carhacter. I would be very happy, however, if they would write in programming to get the mother off of those damn cigarettes. I absolutely cringe every time she lights one up. Give the lady a break..Sharon will be in the middle of developing lung cancer if this continues. Her carhacter no longer needs the litle eccentricity. Also, the show was much more edgy when Fee was actually dating other guys. She is the neediest thing going and their relationship was much better when it was much less defined. Maybe the IRA needs to recruit her again. She needs an alternate incentive because right now she’s highly annoying.

  3. Bn fan says:

    Michael values human life and doesn’t kill until he has to. He is no longer working with government whatever vigilante work he does is basically illegal. He can’t have bodies piling where ever he goes without any affiliations with government. If you watch season 5 premiere he spends six months working with CIA so he must have taken few lives taking down the network, he is getting soft in terms of getting attached to Fi, his family and friends, Killing Anson was never an option as Anson said in mid season finale: if they kill him he had someone to pass the evidence about Fi being the one behind the bombing to MI6 ATF CIA thus she had to be on run for ever
    So Michael was just trying to find a way to get Anson without getting Fi into trouble, obviously he didn’t think Fi would surrender herself. I loved the finale, it shows

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