Most people would be thrilled to be on the warm,
beautiful sands of South Beach. However, Michael
Westen (Jeffrey Donovan) is not "most people."
He's got a pesky FBI tail, a violence prone
ex-girlfriend looking for closure, and a
hypochondriac mother calling him 30 times a day.
Yet these are the least of his problems.

After 10 years of serving his country working in
Eastern Europe and the OPEC countries as a
covert operative, Michael is living every spy's worst
nightmare. While in the middle of a dangerous
mission in Nigeria, Michael's "contact" informs him
that he has been burned. When a spy gets fired, he
doesn't get a call from human resources and a gold
watch. In Michael's case, they jeopardize his life,
freeze his bank accounts, dump him in Miami, and
flag him on every government list known to man.
They can't take away his skills or what's in his head,
so they take away his assets and his resources to
make sure he can never work again. They burn him.

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Micheal Westen
Played by: Jeffrey Donovan
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